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World Lambrusco Week

World Lambrusco Week is June 16-22

The 2017 7th World Lambrusco Day Festa is June 21

Wednesday, June 21, you can come and drink up to 10 different Lambrusco and Dean will give you stories and tall tales about Lambrusco in the Grotto Bar from 5 ’til 8pm.  We will have loads of snacks to go with.  The cost of the casual tasting & class is $35 plus tax & gratuity.

Tickets and more details” World Lambrusco Day

Red Bubbles:

Celebrate The Rebirth Of Real Lambrusco

Why is there a Lambrusco Week?  If you ask that question, then you need to learn about Lambrusco: Real Lambrusco!

What Is Lambrusco?

It is not a region, a city, a style or sweet fizzy swill:
It’s an ancient family of grapes used to make fizzy dry reds!
No other wine has been so bastardized as Lambrusco!
Forget riunite, cella & the rest {7% alcohol & 10% sugar!}

Real Lambrusco is made in the Emilia, surrounding Modena.  It comes from any of the family of Lambrusco grapes such as Grasparossa, Sorbara & Mariani, Salamino, + other grapes like lancellotta ~~ Real Lambrusco is dry to off-dry, 11% alcohol; tart & lively with a sugar level of less than 1.5% Due to Lambrusco’s natural high acid content, it is great food wine and can seem very dry indeed. Lambrusco is a refreshing sparkling red: perfect w/rich antipasti & pasta; & the best wine for cheese & cured meats

The rebirth of Lambrusco came about fairly recently when wines like Ermite Medice Concerto and Chiarli Vecchia Modena Premium were recognized by the Italian wine press with Tre Bicchiere from Gambero Rosso and other publications.  But the reality is that real Lambrusco had not gone anywhere!  It’s just that industrial Lambrusco {Riunite, Cella etc} dominated the market and, unfortunately still do.  But we at the Grotto and at Dino before have always believed in the real deal.

Our Favorite Lambrusco Producers

Camillo Donati
Cantina di Volta
Carra di Casiatico
Ermite Medice
Fattoria Moretto
Vignetti Saetti

International Lambrusco Days

June 16 Thru June 22

First off, here are the social media links!

Sorbara, Marani & CO
: 6/16-22/2017

A week of Lambrusco & Dining at the Grotto!  We will start off with a $25 Lambrusco flight consisting of 5 Lambrusco with 5 bites to accompany.  The pours will be smaller and the bites just that, so this is the equivalent of a normal wine flight and an antipasto for $25.  Or you can get a full Lambrusco menu with the flight for $49.  The menu may change nightly depending on availability.  But right now, here is what we are thinking of:

5 bites

Potato & crispy Tuscan bacon {pork belly}
Prosciutto & Fresh Mozzarella
House Cured Duck Breast
Crostini Caprese
Wild Boar Rillettes

The full menu will continue with…..

Cannelloni Duo
spinach & ricotta cannelloni
one covered w/wild boar ragu
one covered w/duck bolognese ragu

Wagyu Steak
charred ramp pesto w/walnuts
grilled broccoli

Duo of Pecorino

The Lambrusco will change daily as we want to show off all out range of wines.  We will be sure to have a Sobrara {the lightest color Lambrusco} to a Grasparossa di Castelvetro z{the darkest and fullest of the Lambrusco Family.  You don’t need to buy tickets and you don’t even have to reserve!  But if you do reserve, please let us know you are coming for the Lambrusco Flight or Menu.

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