Father’s Day Italian Steakhouse

We have a fabulous network of local meat vendors and we move thru them over the year.  But for Father’s Day, we love to pull out the stops and bring in a bunch of different chops and steaks in honor of Dad or for meat lovers of any presentation!

Father’s Day Steakhouse

Friday, June 14 thru June 16

If you are a dad, function as a dad even if you are a mom or not related by  blood, if you have a dad, sorta dad or just someone you lean on for dad~like support, or if you are simply a carnivore, the Father’s Day Italian Steakhouse at the Grotto is for you.

And if you are a fan of our Fiorentina, we are getting some Shenandoah Valley Porterhouse for Bistecca Fiorentina.  

We will offer wine madness all weekend {wines $60+ are 50% off} so if dad is a wine-lover, this is a super weekend to come to the Grotto.

Father’s Day Steakhouse Dinner Specials

Fiorentina ~ 3″ thick {Typically 1 kilo} Shenandoah Valley Porterhouse served w/greens & Tuscan roasted potato (md, va, pa)

Boar Chops ~ rib chops, Tuscan mole, buttered garlic scapes

Rosticciana ~ split ribs grilled till crispy on the outside and al dente inside, from Rocky Hollow Farms, Hager’s Town MD, salsa verde, fagioli all’uccelletta {stewed beans, much garlic & herbs}

Veal Rib Chops ~ lemon, garlic & caper relish ~ roasted local tomato w/garlic & herbs

Swordfish Loin Steak ~ lemon, caper, olives, herbs sicilian flavors, fregola w/local veggies

Soft Shell Crabs {If we can get them!} ~ served atop linguine w/arugula pesto ~~ or ~~ grilled on Summer heirloom~tomato essence, grilled broccoli

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Father’s Day Sunday Brunch

No fancy menus or inflated price.  Just our usual array of incredibly fresh & local foods.  Highlights of our Brunch menu are soft shell benedict, cannelloni w/duck bolognese & fried egg, local veggie frittata w/local heirloom tomato sauce {lump crab optional!} Starter & main for $22 plus your choice of Bottomless Mimosa, Bellini or Bloody for $29.  Or order ala carte.  Or come to the Grotto bar where not only can you brunch, but you get Happy Hour all day.  Brunch reservations Noon ’til 3.  This will be our last brunch ’til August!

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All Day Antipasti

as always, our menu depends on what is available from the farmer’s we buy from. But we expect to have squash blossoms, spring veggie antipasto, caprese, garlic scapes, zucchini, cold broccoli soup, and more

Amazing Cellar Treasure Wines
By the Glass

subject to prior sale!

Mount Eden ‘estate’ {chardonnay} santa cruz mountains ‘01
$13 ~ 3oz / $33 ~ 8 oz

Littorai ‘hirsch‘ {pinot noir} sonoma coast ‘06
$13 ~ 3oz / $33 ~ 8 oz

from magnum Iron Horse ‘t bar t ranch’ {cabernet sauvignon} alexander valley ‘97
$13 ~ 3oz / $33 ~ 8 oz

Collematoni {sangiovese} brunello di montalcino ‘99
$19 / $49

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Wine Madness:

– if dad loves wine, we will offer wine madness starting Friday and running thru our normal Sunday thru Tuesday.  All wines $60+ are 50% off!

A few examples {available at time of writing}

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Current Vintages

Colsanto {sagrantino} del montefalco, umbria ‘12    $60 ~~ wine madness  $30.00
Collemattoni {sangiovese} rosso di montalcino ’16    $63 ~~ wine madness  $31.50
Piancornello ‘rogheto’ {sangiovese} toscana ‘15    $69 ~~ wine madness  $34.50
Begali  ‘ripasso cengia’  {corvina, rondinella etc}  valpolicella  ’17    $63 ~~ wine madness  $31.50


Old Ridge

lytton springs {zinfandel} dry creek valley ‘02  $129  ~~ wine madness  $64.50

pagani {zinfandel}sonoma mountain ‘98  $149  ~~ wine madness  $74.50

‘santa cruz mountain’ {cabernet sauvignon} ‘99  $179  ~~ wine madness  $89.50

‘montebello’ {cabernet sauvignon} ‘08  $299  ~~ wine madness  $149.50


Old Montalcino

Agostina Pieri {sangiovese} brunello di montalcino ’01  $229 ~~ wine madness $114.50

Argiano {sangiovese} brunello di montalcino ‘99  $199 ~~ wine madness $99.50

Brizio {sangiovese} brunello di montalcino ‘07  $179 ~~ wine madness $89.50

Ciacci Piccolomini ‘pianrosso’ brunello di montalcino ‘01  $229 ~~ wine madness $114.50

Collemattoni riserva fontelontano {sangiovese} brunello di montalcino ‘04  $249 ~~ wine madness $124.50