Lambrusco Days

Lambrusco Days

Friday, June 21st – Thursday, June 27th, 2019

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It’s always Lambrusco days at the Grotto!  We love this wine and have more of them than just about anyone else in DC!  A festival devoted to the wine voted most fun you can have with your clothes on** ~~ Lambrusco!!  Join us as we show off our selection of Lambrusco pleasures.

Each day, our Lambrusco of the day will be 50% off to show off our favorite fizzy red!  I don’t think there is another wine that goes with as much of our menu.  !  So it’s natural that we celebrate Modena’s most favorite export.  We after Pavarotti, Ferrari and Balsamico, it must rank up there somewhere close!

Lambrusco is a family of closely related grape: there are more than 26 varieties, most dating back hundreds of years.  This allows for a wide range of flavors & styles.  The wine is fermented and then fermented a second time either in a large vat, or in the bottle.  Real Lambrusco is dry and the wine has some tannins to it to give it structure and its natural acidity make for great food and wine pairings.

The grape is now planted from Bologna to Modena to Reggiano and north to Montova.  The most common varieties are Grasprarosa di Castelvetro, Sobrara, Maestri, Salamino and Marani but the winemaker says more about what’s in the bottle than the particular variety.  And with the growth in quality examples, there is much experimentation going on.  We have taken a loose interpretation of Lambrusco and count Rosato and Dolce in with the legally defines Secco Frizzante.  I am a wine lover and not a lawyer.

** This vote was held on May 31 and one restaurant owner in Washington DC voted.  This was not a scientific poll.  If you disagree, you are wrong.  Not responsible for clothing coming off after the consumption of Lambrusco.  Drink Responsibly.  Vote!