Drop Off Catering

We can make food and bring it to your house or location for a catered event.  We will bring th food in large trays which you can plate onto your own serving pieces or we can provide disposable serving ware at an extra charge.  We can also arrange for rentals to set out the food.  We can arrange the food or you can.

We can customize the menu to fit your needs:

Starters include:




Grilled Veggies


Pasta includes

Duck Bolognese Laagne

Spinach & Rocotta Cannelloni

Boar Pasta

Fra Diavolo



Mains include


Steaks and Roasts


Eggplant alla Parmigiana


Desserts include Tiramisu

Pecan & Chocolate Torte

Crema di Ciocolato


Call us to discuss your menu & budget.  We can provide for bartending and waiter service as well.