Parking Secrets

On Street Parking near the Grotto

Parking can be a challenge near the Grotto.  Metro remains the most convenient way to get to the Grotto, followed by other transit & ride sharing.  We are halfway between the Green line stops of Shaw Howard & U Street Cardozo.

On our block of 9th Street, there is metered parking on the East side {Northbound} and a combination of metered & residential parking on the West.  Please do not park in the Residential spots unless you have a parking permit or like getting tickets.  You need to feed the meters according to the posted signs.  There is abundant residential parking for those with permits.

T Street Eastbound between 10th & 7th has a combination of 2 hour residential, metered and a few unregulated spots.  This is a great place to start.  Other prime street ideas: Various blocks of 9th Street Northbound south of the Grotto; S Street; Westminster Avenue; Vermont Southbound.  Again, look for the green signs to indicate either 2 hour or metered spaces.  The meters do not have to be fed on Sunday & many spaces go free at 6:30 pm.

Pay Lots

There is a plethora of pay lots within a 3 block radius of the Restaurant:

The newest is a valet lot on V Street just east of 9th Street across from the 9:30 club.  There is a lot on U Street between 10th & 9th, best reached traveling East on U.  Another pay lot is at 7th & T and there is one in the alley to the West of the Howard Theater.

There is a large range of pay lots on V Street north of Florida with the best selection, north of V.  All of these lots vary in price depending on events scheduled in the area & night of the Week.  The large Howard university lot on 8th North of V and almost to W is often unattended and is usually the least expensive alternative.