Our Space

How to Grotto with your Group

We have a lot of options for larger groups at the Grotto.  Downstairs we have the Grotto Bar where our craft & local spirts selection is on display behind our 10 seat wooden bar.  The Grotto bar has 2 TVs which are kept on for silent watching emphasizing local sports.  Upstairs is our dining room which seats up to 72 people.

Grotto Bar

Our grotto bar offers the same menu as the dining room, just with bar stools and not chairs.  Plus, we can craft our full selection of cocktails to order in view of your guests.  And we offer Happy Hour every night: Sunday & Monday from open to close; Tuesday thru Saturday 5 pm ‘til 7 pm.  The Grotto Bar has two tables that can be reserved via a phone call to the Grotto only.

Communal Table ~ Our communal table is a large spacious table build from 120-year-old reclaimed floor joists and is a great spot to hold your party of 8 to 12 people.  This is the perfect space to have a happy hour to a full meal.  We love to put together a selection of antipasti and family style food for your group.  Or you can order a la carte from our regular menu.    To reserve the Communal Table, please call the restaurant

Window Table ~ The window table can hold up to 6 people.  It too is made from reclaimed wood, this time from 120-year-old yellow pine flooring.  Again, you can choose family style dining for some/all of your meal.  To reserve the window table, please call the restaurant.

Grotto Bar Buy Out ~ If you want to buy out the Grotto Bar, there is a minimum spend depending on night of the week.  The bar has table seating for 18 and 10 bar stools at the bar itself.  We have hosted parties of up to 60 guests in the Grotto.  When you buy out the Grotto Bar, the Grotto is yours all evening.  The minimum spend includes all your purchases: Food, beverage both alcoholic and non.  Sales Tax & Gratuity are not included

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  $1000 Minimum Spend
Friday & Saturday   $1500 Minimum Spend
Sunday  $1250 Minimum Spend

Grotto Bar Special Happy Hours ~ If you want to host a group Happy Hour in the Grotto Bar, we are happy to oblige.  We will also extend Happy Hour pricing for an extra hour for your group. Minimum 10 people

Cocktail Classes ~ Our crack bartenders {or is that cracked?} are available for an interactive cocktail class for your group.  For $60 per person, you can host a cocktail class in the Grotto including 3 cocktails per person plus 3 small plates to accompany.

Dining Room

Larger Tables ~ We can accommodate large parties of up to 17 at a single table and up to 22 at adjoining tables.  On Friday and Saturday nights & holidays, there is a minimum spend of $40 per person to reserve a table of 17 or more.  We can waive the minimum spend of your party agrees to finish their meal by 7:30 pm.  You can reserve up to 12 people on Open Table, otherwise call the restaurant

Dining Room Buy Out ~ You can buy out the Dining Room entirely with a minimum spend.  We have seating of up to 68 {with a combination of tables of up to 7, 12 to 14, and one table of 5  ~~  74 of we include 2 tables of 4.

The minimum spend to buy out the dining room is as follows:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday  $2000 Minimum Spend
Friday & Saturday   $5000 Minimum Spend
Sunday  $2500 Minimum Spend

Given our closure scheduled for September 15, any group event in September has a minimum spend $500 higher than listed above.