Truffles in House

Truffle Season is Now!

This is the season for the best of truffles.  And this is the best truffle season we have seen in 4 years.  Best of all, this is the best-priced truffle season in 8 or so years.

White Truffles from Italy.  These aromatic gems are without equal: heady, earthy, even funky aromas that are best shown off simply.

Perigord Blacks are the best of all the various black truffles and we got our first shipment! They are a more pungent, rich mushroomy flavor.  These truffles go with stronger flavors.

You can have either of these truffles grated on your dish with a two-gram minimum.  The whites are $12 $10  $9 a gram and the blacks are $4 a gram.  And don’t worry, our menu list truffle recommendations for each dish,  Our supply of truffles is limited but we have enough in house and on order to last thru New Year’s.  And will get more as available after.

Truffles Mix and Match

Best with White Truffle

$9 gram {two gram minimum}

Fonduta {grilled ciabata w/fonduta}
Risotto Bianco or Fettuccine w/Butter
Risotto w/Kabocha Squash & Balsamico
Fettuccine w/Sage Roasted Mushrooms
Insalata Tricolore




Either Black or White Truffle

Pappardelle ai Cinghiale: ‘wild boar’
Lobster Pasta
American Waygu w/red wine & mushroom sauce

Best with Black Truffle

$4 per gram {two gram minimum}

Duck Bolognese Lasagne
Rigatoni w/Rich Tomato Sauce & Beef Cheek
Free Form Lasagnette
Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
Grilled Local Eggplant alla Parmigiana