Passover To Go

We will offer pick-up catering for Passover to Go:

If you are having the Passover dinner at home, we can still help out. You can order one of everything for a complete dinner for eight. You may want to double up on the gefilte fish & the Amish chicken.  Or you can choose just a few items to round out your own menu!

Select your menu and pickup date and we will have everything ready for you, including a guide for reheating/serving everything,

The Menu

Passover To Go Order Form

Charoset Trio {4 oz each} + 4 oz horseradish  $20
Braised Leeks    { 1-1/2 pounds}  $24
Chicken Liver Spread  {pint}  $18
Matzo Ball Soup {2 quarts soup w/8 matzo balls}  $50
Gefilte Fish  {8 balls, carrot slices, jar horseradish}  $60

The following are served in portions big enough for one as a full entree or for 2 to 3 to share, ready for reheating}

Whole Roast Amish Chicken {approx 5 pounds before cooking} & greens $45
1-1/2 pounds Veal Brisket, potato & onion  $50

Cookies {8 of each}  $24

The Details

Orders are due to us no later than April 11 and must be prepaid.  Pick up will be April 18 after 5 pm or April 19 & 20th between Noon and 4.  FOr orders to be picked up April 21 thru 27, pickup is 4pm ’til closing}.

For planning purposes, a feast for 8 would consist of one of each item plus 2 chicken & 2 veal breast and you will have leftovers.  This would total $410.

Passover To Go Order Form