Passover at the Grotto ~ Friday, March 30 thru Saturday, April 7

Our two most requested menus at the Grotto are Passover and Feast of the Seven Fishes.  This year, for the feast, we went deep into the Italian American repertoire for inspiration.  But for Passover, we are going deep with Near Eastern influences of Syria and Persia plus a touch of north Africa w/Moroccan touches. Of course, Gefilte Fish & Matzoh Ball Soup, vaguely resembling my mom’s recipe is included.

We will be serving our Passover feast from Friday, March 30 thru Saturday, April 7.  The feast will be served family style and you can ask for a round of seconds on any course.  The menu is kosher style and we try to follow both Ashkenazi & Sephardic restrictions, but we view these restrictions as goals and not commandments.  We will serve a limited version of our regular menu the first three nights, and our full menu the rest of the holiday.  Some of the holiday specials will be available ala carte as well.  Please do reserve early for these dates as being both a holiday and a weekend, we are sure to book up quickly.


The cost of the feast is $59.


Charosets, Horseradish, & Matzo

Passover Trio
potato torte w/greens, vadouvan spice
marinated leeks w/morrocan flavors
braised fennel

Gefilte Fish
{seconds of gefilte fish +$10}

Matzo Ball Soup

Chicken w/potato, eggplant & pomegranate & date syrups

Lamb & Beef Meatballs w/almond sauce

Polenta & Orange Cake