Wednesday Grotto Bar! Nashville Hot Crab Sandwiches & Backyard Cookout

Join us Wednesday night, starting May 1, in the Grotto Bar for a summer special: Nashville Style Hot Crab sandwiches and back yard cookout specials! Starts May 1.  We will be serving our regular menu as well.  The dining room will be closed.

We will fire up the grill with hardwood charcoal and grill steaks and a few skewers for our Backyard BBQ menu.  Our vegetable choices will change seasonally and will start with asparagus.  You are sure to see corn with lime, chile & butter soon as well.  There will always be a steak on the menu served with salsa verde, initially our American Waygu sirloin.  One of the skewers will be seafood from grilled calamari to shrimp to fresh fish of the day.

From the kitchen, we will offer Grotto Style Nashville Style Hot Crab Sandwiches.  $15 gets you our take on a Nashville classic.  We take a softshell and give it a spice rub before deep frying it.  Next comes the Nashville part, a thick chili paste gets brushed on.  We put it on an Italian Hamburger Bun {our grilled ciabatta} and top it with house pickles.  A side of fried house potatoes come with as well.  Given that softshells are seasonal and their availability depends on the behavior of the crabs and the bay, we cannot guarantee crabs every Wednesday but we will order a tray of crabs each Wednesday!

And of course, we will have Happy Hour from 5 ‘7 pm as well.  Andrew will make some special cocktails for the night featuring local spirits.  The dining room will be closed Wednesdays.