You can make reservations for the Grotto on Open Table thru January 28.  Even if you want to come in for a date after January 28 {say for Valentine’s day or whenever!} your reservation will transfer to our new system, Resy, automatically.  So you have no worries!

Open Table

January 29 and beyond, you will find us on for reservations.  To reserve, navigate to, or use the Resy App {available on the Apple App Store}, or our website {just click the ‘Reserve’ link.}  Or you can be old fashioned and call the restaurant.  But if you look for us on Open Table, they will just let you know we are no longer on the service.

Why Resy

Open Table charges us $1.00 per person for the reservations made on their state.  At the end of the month, our Open Table bill is more than our electricity bill!